Sleepless in Dallas?

I'll post for today now because it's probably going to be a busy day, (GraceAnne has school and the contractors will be here), and because I'm awake. Yepp...it's 4:30am and I've slept all of 2 hours tonight. I can't get comfortable and then I had to get out of bed at 4, because after laying there for an hour I realized, "this hunger is not going to go away." So I crawled out of bed, turned on my computer and grabbed an apple, some pumpkin seeds and a sleeve of girl scout cookies. MMMMM.

Well, the diamond in my mother's ring flew out the window about 4 hours ago and in walked an emerald. They're not my favorite stone, but my kids are bound and determined to give me the most awful ring ever. Allan says I'll still love it--and I will--even if it's a little ugly. I think if we plan the next child to be born in January or July we'll be all set. I can get a HUGE stop sign put on there. I'm not sure where Gracie's pearl will fit in, but we'll squeeze it in there somewhere.

OOPS, did I say "next child??" Let's pop this one out and see how the family dynamic changes before we go making any commitments, but yes--we have discussed one more. I must say I'm addicted to the idea of more than one of our children in the same household. I'm pretty sure Allan feels the same way. We both get a far away dreamy look in our eyes when we think of how at Christmastime this year all three of our babies will be in the same house and I think I'll even spring for professional pictures. Given my love of photography and my huge, expensive camera, I haven't spent money on professional photos in a long time, but this year will be more than worth it.

Well, let me stop rambling on here and try to go back to bed. Lord knows I need the rest before I run this marathon! Doesn't look like it will happen today, though. *sigh*

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Jennifer said...

You poor thing! I hope all goes well with the contractor!

Note to Vi....Come out dang it!