Smiley Babies

Yes--that is a smile you see on Miss Violet's face. Gracie was trying to get her to smile in the 2nd pic and she DID, but I didn't capture it in time. Stupid camera. She's been smiling since day 1 (don't even get me started on "it's just gas" anyone who says that has never been smiled at by an angel baby! Besides, do YOU smile when you have gas? I'd bet not.) but yesterday she started smiling about goofy things. For example, her ear is ticklish. Yes...her ear. She also finds GraceAnne to be a regular little comedienne. She grins almost everytime she sees her big sister. It makes my heart melt!

Today's goal is to take a shower and to bathe Vi. We stink. I'm not sure how I'll manage that, but I'll try.

GraceAnne's "diet" is going well and even has me eating more fruits and veggies. It has helped me get back into the kitchen, which I was totally slacking on the last couple of months and it has inspired me to keep the kitchen more tidy. All of these things are wonderful side-effects. Now hopefully I can lose some weight and GraceAnne can put some on. Not much, but enough to keep the Dr off my arse and to make me feel better.

Mostly I want us to all get out of the house more and get some exercise, but it's so blasted hot!!! 95+ degrees the last 3 days. I've been hiding out in the air conditioning! The humidity is what makes it absolutely unbearable. I can stand dry heat. I can even play in dry heat, as long as I have water with me. This humidity kills me, though. I know Allan won't ever consider moving to the SouthWest, but I'd love some Lake Havasu City, AZ action. We will DEFINITELY be vacationing there someday!

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