So Grown Up

GraceAnne's CDO graduation was yesterday. It was VERY cute. The kids all got to walk across the stage with little graduation caps on and get a "diploma." They also performed songs for the moms, dads and grandparents who came to see. It was pretty cute. GraceAnne is sad that school is over, and so am I, but I exchanged phone numbers with the mom of the girl that GraceAnne likes a lot, so hopefully we'll have some play dates this summer. It's so hard to find people who stay home, it seems like, so I'm stoked to have found someone else who stays home and who can get together during the DAY. By the time Allan comes home at night, I don't want to hang out with other people because I want to be with my WHOLE family. That's fine, but it leads to a pretty alone life.

Miss Violet looks more like GraceAnne every day. I was holding off on saying who she looked like or what side of the family she takes after, because I remember thinking "YAY! GraceAnne looks JUST LIKE ME!" when she was born. And she did look an awful lot like her mommy as a newborn. But every single day that passed, the child looked a little more like her daddy and the same thing is happening with Violet. She could almost pass as GraceAnne, except she's a little bigger. They have the same face, for sure. But that's fine with me, because I KNOW GraceAnne is cute and Gracie looks just like Rhiya, who is also super-cute, so I'm cool with our newest one looking like her sisters/daddy. Good thing Allan makes a cute girl!

Well, I read something that inspired me today, so I'm going to get off my butt and get some work done now. The dishes are all caught up, I need to do and fold some laundry, (yes, I got the barfy clothes washed yesterday...now to clean the poopy clothes from this morning! It NEVER ENDS...except it will end...way too soon, I suspect!) I hope all is well with everyone. We love and miss you all!

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