What a weekend!

Wow--what a crazy weekend for us! Thank goodness the girls let me sleep till 9 this morning, (imagine that!!), because I was running on fumes. Saturday marked the beginning of the exhaustion. GraceAnne had 2 birthday parties to go to. One was at a bowling alley, where she didn't touch her chicken nuggets, but instead had a piece of cake. She said they didn't taste very good and she had saved them for me. GEE! How nice of her! ;) The second party was outside with a bounce house, (and some very cool power wheels, as you can see in the 2nd picture.) where she, once again, refused her hot dog entree and moved straight to the cupcakes and kool-aid. Anyone who knows us knows that even in my worst hours as mother, our child does not eat this horribly. So she may have more sugared-out than the other kiddies. That night we got a phone call from Allan's classmate. He invited us to the drive-in with his wife and their 6-week-old daughter. Instead of being smart and heading off to bed early with our heat-exhausted, totally worn-out, sugar-high daughter--we went to see Indiana Jones. It was great to get out of the house and be with friends. And it was a decent movie, but poor Allan...much of his time was spent in the car with said child screaming at the top of her lungs.

If we hadn't had enough on Saturday, (Gracie got to bed at midnight and woke up at 8:30am...4 hours short of her targeted sleep schedule), on Sunday we got up, went to church, ate lunch at a friend's house and headed up to Dallas for Allan's class party. What is fun to a lot of young men turns out to be not-so-fun for little girls, and it was another cook-out, so lots more Texas heat!! We left there around 7:30pm and the friends we ate lunch with came over to watch a movie with us. We got to bed around 11pm again and woke up Monday around 9am. Then we had a cook-out of our own! By last night I was ready to fall over, (as were GraceAnne and Allan!), it would seem the only one unaffected by our activities is Miss Violet--who, as you can see in the first picture, cares not where we are or what we are doing, because her agenda WILL be met, regardless. She will eat, sleep and poop wherever we put her. I'm jealous!

Though the weekend was filled with it's difficulties, I will say I felt very blessed to be around so many friends and I enjoyed everything we did. I hope the rest of the summer will be so hectic. Being around people we love and who love us makes me so darned happy, exhausted or not!

This weekend will be the best one yet, because my mom and Bruce will be here. I'm SO EXCITED to see some of my family and have them meet Violet. I told GraceAnne as we were grocery shopping last week that I couldn't wait for Gramma to be here. She said, "I know!! I LOVE your mom!" YAAAAY for my mommy! :)

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