Best hubby in the world!

I have the greatest husband! I knew that before the baby was born, but it has become increasingly evident over the last several days. He heard the midwife tell him that I needed to take it easy for the next 2 weeks and he has come through for me swimmingly. I have been so well Blessed by nhim and through him! I could never have gotten through the births of our 2 daughters or the transitions those births produced without my Allan.
He has nearly completely taken over the care of GraceAnne these last several days. Not only has he been cleaning out our livingroom so the contractors can do their jobs, (we're not sure when they'll start, but he wanted to get it done while he's on break from school), but he's also been paying lots of extra special attention to Gracie and the house looks FANTASTIC. I'm so impressed that I'm willing to say he's a better candidate for stay-at-home-"mom" status than I am. Unfortunately he's also a better candidate for bread-winner, so back off to school he goes on the 19th.
He has been awake every single time I am at night with Violet. He doesn't have to be or need to be...all she wants is her butt changed and my boob, but he wakes up and talks to me. It's so nice to still have a companion during this time. Even though he's made things exceedingly easy for me, baby blues are kicking my butt. I'm continually amazed by how he tends to my needs and is so there for me emotionally, even when I'm sure he's as burnt out as I am.
All this and he still tells me that I'M the wonderful one! Who could ask for more? When I was a little girl I used to think I'd raise my kids alone because my mom did and most men seemed fairly well worthless to me. I debated ever even having children because I didn't want them to go through the hurt I did, feeling so rejected by my dad. Even if Allan weren't the awesome husband he is, he's perfect for me just because of the great daddy he is. I would go through a hundred rough childhoods and be rejected by a million men who were "supposed" to love me just to see 15 minutes of the great dad he is to his 3 beautiful daughters. Allan--thank you for all you do and all you continue to do for me, our girls and this family. You are my hero!
Plus he makes the cutest girls on earth!! ;)


D said...

He is an awesome Dad and husband and you are pretty special, too. I am so glad God brought you two together-His perfect plan for both of you! And...together you certainly do make beautiful children!

Thinking of you.....Debbie

Theycallmemommy said...

Hey Sweetie - Im so glad you have Allan there by your side, he seems like the most amazing man possible. I had tears reading your entry today. Im glad your doing good and your getting your rest .... give the girls hugs and kisses from me ...