We will survive...

We've survived our first day without daddy. We're into our 2nd and I'll say I'm a little lost and a lot lonely. Today is GraceAnne's "graduation" so she will be home with me full-time now. I enrolled her in swimming lessons, but that's not really a break for her. I got some info about summer camp, but it's expensive. So are all the other summer programs. We'll work something out, I'm sure.
Mostly I'd just like some down-time. So I took some after I dropped Gracie off. I've been sitting here on my bum for nearly an hour and how do I feel? Refreshed? Satisfied? No--strangely enough I feel GUILTY. I've had almost an hour and the kitchen is still a wreck and the barfy clothes have not been started, (though they are next to the washer, ready to go!!). Of course not all of that could have been done anyway, with the non-stop nurser on board, but I probably could have cleaned up my mess from supper last night.
*sigh* Oh well. This too shall pass.

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Our Life said...

I really hope that moms of 2 and more wouldnt laugh at you. I remember those days and yes its very scary and over whelming. I know I havent been around much lately but I have been keeping up w/your blog. You are doing an amazing job!!

Love ya bunches!