Family Resemblance?

Maybe these pictures can help you to see what I've been talking about when I say how much the girls are alike. People say, "wow, she's so beautiful" or "she's so precious" and when I say she looks just like her sister, some people agree, but mostly they look at me like I'm nuts.

So...for those who can't/don't see it...picture number 1 is Miss GraceAnne when she was about the same age as Miss Violet in picture number 2. I tried for the same lighting, but keep in mind it was a different camera and a different region.

At any rate--the two look so much alike it nearly freaks me out. I'm just excited as all get-out because GraceAnne is so darned beautiful, I can't believe we made another one who will be just as cute! I never looked a dang thing like either of my sisters, (I suppose that could be expected since we weren't the from exactly the same pool), and it made me sad. I've always been so thrilled for Gracie and Rhiya that they look so alike. Now people will definitely be saying, "well THERE'S a Doyle girl!" And there's Allan's legacy! ;)

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