Family Reunion

Violet and Great Aunt Linda

GraceAnne with Great Aunt Claudia and "Uncle Duckie"
Violet with Great Uncle Jim

Violet and Great Aunt Claudia
Violet and Great Uncle Doug

A very small portion of the Doyle clan visited us yesterday. They're on a cross country trip in their RV's and decided to stop through Texas and see us on their way to Kentucky. We are SO glad they did!! We told GraceAnne in the morning that family was coming to visit us yesterday and that was all we had to say. She perked up and was so excited she even agreed to not watch a movie since they'd be here soon. She is such a girl come to life when she's around family--it blows me away! Violet was a doll, of course, she slept through most of the visit and finally showed some eyeballs toward the end of the evening. I love babies who let their mommies eat and visit in peace! ;)

GraceAnne decided to rename Uncle Doug. His new name is "Uncle Duckie" and she had a BLAST playing with everybody. She got to climb on everyone and never once got reprimanded. She was so tired she didn't even argue with bedtime.

We sure wish they could have stayed another day, but we're so glad we got to see them for the evening! Hope all is well with everyone. We love and miss you all.

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