Who are We?

We are a family of 6, missing our big sister and Daddy for right now.  Those of us left are:

Tara: mom, teacher, chauffer, blogger, planner, chef, etc.

GraceAnne (9): daughter, big sister, 4th grader, helper

Violet (5): daughter, big sister, little sister, Kindergartener, encourager

Corbin (3): son, little brother, Kindergartener (leniently so), adventurer, brony

Our family's goal has been to be a self-sufficient, organic farm family.  We love to garden and raise animals.  Our "farm" has consisted of many crops (small gardens in both Texas and Kansas), ducks, chickens, crazy dogs and longhorn cows.  We have spent years prepping ourselves for living off the land, attending classes and reading countless books.  When we found 7 acres in Kansas, we thought our time had come, but after just 6 months there, Daddy's job changed.

When we found out that Daddy would have to go to Afghanistan, we considered our options.  The home we were in (in Kansas) was too big for us to care for on our own and staying would mean missing out on the last few months of Daddy before he leaves, so we sold everything we owned except what we could fit into the back of our 1996 Chevy Suburban:

and a 5x10 storage space:
and set out for a new life!  We are currently in Northern New York (summer here is fab!), but when Daddy deploys in October, our plan is to travel the country, road-schooling and finding adventure until he comes back.  Join us on our adventures, be inspired, go have some of your own and tell us all about them.  We love to read other blogs!

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