This is the blog that never ends...

Well, I'm still being blessed with a certain calm, but I'm also still VERY done with all this. I had Allan take another picture last night, thinking, "I couldn't have gotten any bigger..." Uhm...YES, I DID. I hate to even post this, but in the spirit of updating everyone, I will. I'm also including a super cute picture of my Gracie-Girl to offset the "all-kinds-of-scary pregnancy picture."

Nothing much going on today. Allan has his last final of the semester this morning and he's VERY excited to be done! He will officially be a senior at 12:00pm and he's THRILLED because now they will start to work on Prosthetics instead of Orthotics. He says this is what he's been waiting for the last 5 years. I'm glad one of our waits is over! It feels like that's all we do. And in all things He is teaching us patience!

We went to Waffle House last night to escape some of the drama that's been going on around here. We probably shouldn't have spent the money, but we really did all need to get out of the house and enjoy ourselves. GraceAnne ate a TON and, of course, so did the fat preggo lady.

I have another appointment with my midwife tomorrow. Let's hope there's some progression going on. I'd still love to have this baby today...4/28 is a GREAT number. 4x2=8 4x7(my birthday!)=28 Yes, I am a huge dork, but it's a nice number! Gracie is 6/15...halfway through the year and halfway through the month. And even better, she has her own day on the Doyle family calendar. That's next to impossible! I'm not sure if 4/28 is taken or not, but it's still a good number.

Here's hoping and praying, right??


D said...

I discovered your blog this weekend and was thrilled to hear how all of you are doing. What a great idea! Dave and I are praying for you and anxiously awaiting the news that we are a great aunt and uncle again. Thanks for the picture of the cutest little Grace ever today and congratulations to Allan on his last final of the semester. Sweetie, know that you are in our hearts and prayers and "that this to shall pass" and soon there will be another little Doyle to love. Our love to all of you.

eirrann said...

Hey, great to see you're about to pop!

Katya's and my prayers are with you.

Pass on our greetings to Allan.

We just bought our tickets to the US - still cool if we swing by Texas in mid-July?


house5swedes said...

Hi guys! It's your long lost Uncle and Aunt from Missouri. I am soo sorry that we haven't contacted earlier. We got your notice of your great expectation and have been wondering how things are going for you guys. I must admit that I sat here and cried when i seen your face and read this great blog. I hope you know how proud we are of you guys and the little ones. Thank you for including us in the blog and we are praying for you every day. How Proud Grandma and Grampa would be to be apart of this! We have so much to catch up on! We are 8 hours closer to you guys now and would love for you to visit anytime you are in the area. Love your Uncle Mike and Aunt Theresa