House news, as promised!

Okay, quick update on the bun in the oven...I'm decidedly more achy every day and I waddle like a duck. It's super graceful. That's really about it. Nothing happening, so it looks like we're getting a May baby.

About the house--some of you know this, most of you don't. The end of February we met with our Veteran's Representative, Tamara, from AW2 (Army's Wounded Warriors), who told us about a group of people (Coalition to Salute America's Heroes) who were wanting to help do house repairs for some vets. She asked if we needed house repairs and I jumped all over that. We got a call in 3 days from Morris, who is a contractor for a construction company in Dallas. He and his wife came out that Sunday and introduced themselves as the parents of an Air Force retiree, wounded in Afghanistan. They said that the Coalition had helped their son when he came home and they wanted to give back to the group, so Morris' company was going to help some other vets.

To give you an idea of what we live in--our house was built in 1915. It's a beautiful historic home, but needed a ton of upgrades. The only upgrades done to the house were done in 1955 and they were VERY shoddily done. Allan has done a ton of work on the house, insulating some walls and putting up new sheet rock, etc. Most of what we have accomplished, though, is demolition, because remodeling takes more money and time than we have right now. So, back at the ranch...

Morris came out 2 weeks later to do a full report on the house and what needs to be done. He said that they intend to insulate, update the wiring for the electrical, update the plumbing, replace the windows, put in central air and heat upstairs (we currenly only have these downstairs), and reside the house. Needless to say, we feel more than just a little bit blessed and we were excited at the prospect of being comfortable in our WHOLE house, not just certain rooms.

Then we heard nothing. For the last two months we've been waiting. I've been in contact with Tamara, Morris and the fundraising guy from the Coalition, but no one seems to know anything at any given time. Of course this has been a little nerve-wracking given the circumstances. We haven't finished our bedroom, which we slated to have finished in February, therefore we haven't even STARTED the baby's room, which we figured would be done by the end of March. So we set up everything in my computer room, which is fine, but the windows in there are not sealed properly and there are lots of bugs in there. We were afraid to move forward because we didn't want to end up doing the walls and having the window guys ripping up half the work.

Yesterday on our way home from our totally unproductive appointment, Allan's phone rang. It was Morris. He said that we will have a window contractor, an insulation contractor and possibly a plumbing contractor here tomorrow morning at 8:30am. WOOHOO!! He said the ball is finally rolling again and that there will be a slew of contractors in and out of the house in the next week or so. I am SO thrilled to see what they have planned for our house. I can't wait until we can live in ALL of it, and it will be such a relief to have the entire house at one temperature for the baby.

I know this is going to be stressful--living in an active construction zone for the next who knows how long, but it will be so worth it! So if we could get prayers from everyone for this to go smoothly and quickly and well, that'd be great. I know it's not over till the plastic is on the walls and the nails are flying!

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