Here we go?

I went to my appointment with my midwife and she said I'm currently 1cm dilated and about 60-70% thinned. She went ahead and stripped my membranes for me, (this makes me bleed a little and contract like a mad-woman), and told me to go home, stay hydrated, squat, (I'm doing this as I type), and walk. So after GraceAnne eats lunch, we're going to walk to CVS to get Evening Primrose Oil. She said this is much more effective than the cohoshes and she likes them better for what we want to do. Then she said the most magical words I've heard in a while--"Maybe we'll see you tonight!!" Sounds heavenly to me! Of course this really could still take days, if the baby is not ready, but hopefully we'll still have a birthday present for daddy!

The squatting was prescribed because apparently the bone-against-bone grinding I've been feeling is the baby's head on top of my pelvic bone. Squatting should "pop" baby into place and bring it further down INTO the pelvis so that we'll be completely engaged in the correct position.

On the other hand, I'm beginning to think the idea of laboring alone with a 3-year-old was a very assenine thing to "plan." I'm very sore at the moment and my patience is thin. Luckily I have a very understanding, loving daughter, so hopefully we can meet in the middle. In the meantime I'm praying for patience and peace and counting the hours until Allan comes home...t-minus 3 hours until he'll be here to help! YIPEE!!

I still have my massage scheduled and the way I'm feeling now, I think a serious nap will be in order after that. I'm sure 'exhaustion' is my new middle name for the next few months.

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