Another Taurus

Yepp, this baby is about as stubborn as its daddy, I guess. After all that work yesterday, (stripping membranes, squatting, walking like crazy, EPO, RRL, foot/ankle massage, cumin tea, spicy foods, bumpy car ride), I started having REAL contractions around 6:05pm. They were strong and steadily about 10 minutes apart. When I had visited the midwife on Monday she told me to come in IMMEDIATELY upon noticing that my contractions were regular. She said she had a gut feeling she had to tell me that. She even said, "don't you dare get in the tub at home, you get HERE and get in the tub!" I took it as God letting her know this baby would come fast when it was ready to. Well, after 2 hours of 1min+ contractions at 10 minutes apart, I called. She told me to take a bath and go to sleep. WHAT?? We live 40 minutes away!! So I walked. Some more. While we were walking the contractions went to 7 min, 6 min, 6 min and 5 minutes apart. I got back to the house, (we were at a friend's), and sat down to see if they would keep up. No such luck. For the rest of the evening they stayed at 10 minutes apart. I came home and took a bath around 10pm, and sure enough, there they went. *sigh* I was woken up a couple times in the night with them, but nothing regular or serious--just enough to make me pee.

So here I sit this morning, huge as ever, writing to an audience...I hope said audience exists!! Maybe this baby got tired of hearing the midwives tell it that it's due on the 28th and decided that IS the real due date. So much for my dreams of a sheet cake with half Hello Kitty and half Darth Vader! We'll see ya when we see ya, baby. I'm going to continue to take my herbs, but I'm done with trying so hard for a few days. It's exhausting!

On the super plus side, Allan had a great birthday. He drove through a rain storm that he thought was pretty cool. He said it was the "best storm I've seen in Texas!" Then he came home and GraceAnne had gotten him a pretty little dress for the baby and I got him a new spy book, because he just finished his other one in time for this semester to be over. We also made him lemon cream cheese cupcakes, (they were so pretty! See the picture), and we went to Chili's for dinner. We considered a movie, but it was pretty late when we got home, so we just went to bed. No, I'm not going to even talk about what happened in there. This is not a tell-all, just an updater!

Other than no baby...it was a great day! Hope everyone is well and good. We love and miss you all.

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