Not yet!

40w2d and not a productive contraction in sight. What's insane is that this little one must be nestled in REAL comfy-like, because other than regular pregnancy discomfort, I'm feeling better now that I was a month ago. Sometimes I forget my belly is there and try to squeeze through a spot I would have been able to get through before we conceived and then bump it, realizing that OOPS...I'm just not that little anymore! I still wake up several times a night to go to the bathroom, and it's painfully obvious at those times that I'm still knocked up, but it really doesn't seem to be as big a deal as I'd like to make it out to be. Maybe I'm getting just a little bit of God's blessing while He makes me wait for this child.

I lied--I'm going to church today. I might hide. I don't think we'll make it for breakfast, but we WILL be there for Sunday School class and we will be there for the service. I might walk outside of the building to get GraceAnne, simply because I don't want to hear that ragged question, ("You're STILL pregnant?!), in fact, any sentence or question with the words 'still,' 'ready' or 'wow' will probably not seduce me into speaking with someone today. BUT--I want to go to church and worship God.

I might make a sign to wear around my neck...I think it should say, "Yes, I am past due. Askers beware...there will be a $1.00 charge applied to everyone who has anything to ask or say about this baby. " Maybe I can make a couple bucks off the deal and go eat some more spicy food tonight. ;)

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