Absolutely no progress!

Well, the midwife gave me the lovely news that I am STILL at 1cm and 50% thinned. She said that she THINKS I might go within the next week, but she can't guarantee it and so we set up a "labor start" appointment for next Tuesday. They will strip my membranes, make us do some nipple stimulation, walk for an hour and come back for monitoring and send us out to do it again. After that they'll send us to the movies so we can sit and see if things will progress. If not, it's a waiting game again. She said she would prefer to do the labor start at 41 weeks as opposed to 42 because she thinks it's just too dangerous to wait that long. I'd have to agree with that sentiment and I'm glad we're on the same page with that.

We have discovered something interesting about this baby's personality--it LOVES Dave Matthews Band. Every time I put DMB in, the baby starts wiggling like crazy. We went to lunch together today, (Allan is on break and officially a senior WOOHOOO!!!), and a DMB song came on and the baby was dancing like crazy. In the car on the way home a DMB song came on the radio and the baby started dancing again. It doesn't wiggle a whole lot these days, (running out of room, are we??), so it's very blatantly obvious that this child already has FANTASTIC taste in music!

We got some awesome news today, but I'll post that tomorrow. I don't think I'll have much pregnancy update tomorrow, but I do want to post lest anyone think I'm birthing a baby, so I will talk about the house in the morning.

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