My BIG girls!!

Today we took the girls to the Dr and Miss Violet is now 22.5" long and 9lb 11oz. Miss GraceAnne is now 40.5" and 31lbs. The Dr (quack) says Gracie-Girl is "too skinny" but she's always been thin, (except as an infant), and Allan and I were both scrawny kids, so I'm unconcerned. She eats very well and whenever she is hungry, so he can bite it. He's also fighting us on delaying vaccines with Vi and the entire office seems to be somewhat anti-breastfeeding. Yes, I will be attempting to transfer YET AGAIN. *sigh* Too bad Tricare can't have a decent Primary Care Manager in their whole darned network!!

I'll write more later, I'm being beckoned. A mother's work never ends!

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Branch said...

Its good to hear she's growing... I can't wait to find out how big our girl is in a few weeks. Anyhow, I hope things are well with you all. Tell Allan to enjoy the last weekend off. Talk to you later.