Fall Festival

The two cutest Trunk-or-Treat babies I know!!
I can still put it all on. Nevermind that I'm slightly fatter and lots grayer...my God, when did I get old?
Not too bad for doing it myself in the mirror with no glasses on! I can't say the web on my neck turned out as aesthetically pleasing.

Tonight was Trunk-or-Treat at the YMCA in Waxahachie. Vendors got to come and decorate trunks for the kids to trick-or-treat at. Of course, mine was all Pampered Chef. I passed out a lot of cards, so hopefully I get some calls soon. GraceAnne had a blast, but Violet was less than enthused to be in her Hunny Pot costume.

Speaking of Violet, today was her 6 month check up. She is 16lb 13.5oz and 27 1/4" long. That's 75th percentile for her weight and 90th percentile for her height. She's gonna be lanky just like her sister! I looked up GraceAnne's stats at the same age and she was 18lb 3oz and 27" long. Vi's been trying to crawl and usually ends up going backwards thanks to the hardwood floors. Who told these kids they could grow up so fast? Oh, yeah--that would have been my husband...oh so eager to have it be just us. :)

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