Home for Christmas!

First of all, let's celebrate my 100th post. It's been a long hard road, this blogging thing, but well worth it to keep my audience entertained ;) So today is 100 day, boys and girls. Get out your pennies, quarters, dollar bills...glue them to a board and send them to me. I'll send you a little prize for your efforts. :D

Today Morris, Diane, (his wife), Dan and Mark, (his sidekick), came to the house to discuss this project with us. I'm not sure why they included us, because they certainly didn't need to, but I'm awfully glad they did! They talked about getting people paid to get started and told us that we should have a grand amount of CHAOS within 2 weeks. The electrician and plumber will be here first. Then a few days after the electrician gets started the ac guy will come and install our brand new heat/ac unit in the attic. (See?? We WILL have a warm house for Christmas!) The bathroom will be rearranged to better accommodate Allan and the windows will be relpaced/new siding/whatever paint we want on the outside. We are so stinking excited I can't even describe!

The absolute best thing they said to us? "It's going to get hairy and REAL messy around here, but we should be out of your hair by Christmas...how's that for a Christmas present?" Well, it's all I want this year, I'll tell you that! I can't believe how absolutely Blessed we are. We totally don't deserve any of this.

I can't believe that we will be "home for Christmas" in 2 ways...first we're going to WI to see my mom and sisters. Second, our home will be completed, (God willing!), for Christmas, so we'll come back to a beautiful, functional home. I could cry now.

The absolute best thing they did? Morris had the entire room pray. He praised God's perfect timing and he prayed for speed and wisdom on the part of the contractors and a Blessing over our house, family and the repairs. I'm so amazed at his willingness to put this all in God's hands and I pray that I can be more forthcoming with praise as I grow older. I'm so grateful that we have been matched up with a Godly man and it makes me so comfortable to let this project go on as God sees fit instead of trying to take control myself. (me? take control!? NEVER!)

So there you have it. Hopefully we'll see groundbreaking next week or the week after and I'll be whining about how hard it is to run a business out of a home that's completely torn to shreds. YAAAAY! :D

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Gayle said...

I don't know all the background on your house repairs, but I'm glad you're getting them. From your excitement they must be needed and appreciated! You'll have to bring us along with photos! :)