A Bright Spot

Well, this is an answer to prayer and it's also a call for prayer. I just got an e-mail from Dan Vargas, the guy who is working on funding to get our house fixed, (not the contractor, but the head guy from Coalition to Salute America's Heroes), and he said...

"Good Day! Just letting you know that I am in New York next week and should have a final plan to get this all together."

to which I replied...

"Does this mean it was approved and it's time to get excited?? :D"

to which he replied back...

"That means I have a percentage of the money and I am head to NY to ask and get approved the rest for the whole project. I will call you from there with the news."

after which I jumped up and down in my seat and did a little jig! Premature excitement? Possibly, but it has been expedited as we prayed for, and now we'll have an answer next week. That answer could maybe be no, but please pray it is YES! and that we'll have construction crews at our house in a couple of weeks. I could pee my pants right now. Maybe we'll have a totally warm house when it gets cold outside! Maybe I'll actually pee in the warmth this winter instead of holding it as long as possible so as not to sit on a cold potty. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

Thank every one of you who has been praying, and hopefully the prayers for this issue will be ceased soon and the praise can begin!

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