Waiting...Patiently This Time

Well, the General Contractor, (Morris), and the funding guy, (Dan), will be here Friday morning. I'm glad of this, because it gives us time to clean the house. I'm also nervous about this because Allan won't be home. He has school all day Thursday and Friday this week. I've met Morris before, so I'm not nervous about him, but I have never met Dan. I am always a little weird about letting strange men into the house. Hopefully he's not so strange and Morris gets here first so I won't be too on edge.

Only 3 days to go!

***UPDATE: I got a call from Morris and he had talked to Allan. They might push the meeting back to early next week so Allan can be here, too. He said they would be opening an account at a bank here in town for the money and that they would start off with the plumbing, electrical and central air so that "if something happens" with the money, (what the heck does that mean???), the most important things are done.

WOOT WOOT for a warm house for the holidays! :D

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