But My Lips Hurt Real Bad!

It's been a pretty cool week! Mostly we're just still buzzing about the house repairs. I'm sure we will be for a while! Of course I'll update as soon as they come. Today was Fall Festival and I had a Pampered Chef booth. I got 1 booking, 1 recruit lead (the same girl, actually...), lots of names in my bucket to win a free show, $170 in orders and handed out over 200 recipe cards with my contact info. I'd say it was a successful day, but I'm exhausted and my lips are sunburnt. The kids are tired, too. Violet spent most of her day with her Daddy and didn't even get too mad!

Here are some pix of the last week.
Sweet Child O' Mine part deux.
We can do it!
Cozy for camping!
"I'll have the linguine, garcon."

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