Apple Country pt 2

GraceAnne helped Daddy put up the tent. She was very excited to get in!
They LOVED being in the tent! GraceAnne had a whole half to jump around in because something possessed Allan and I to buy the biggest tent we could find back before we had kids together. She had a great time rolling all over and doing cartwheels. Violet thought it was pretty great, too!
On the road AGAIN?!? We spent the better part of our 3-day vacation in the car. The girls were a little battle-weary by the end, but they were both great sports! GraceAnne told me on the way home, "I want to go camping at a hotel again, sometime, mom. That was so fun!"
Then Daddy got tired of driving and Vi stepped up to the task.
When we got home we started making the sauce for our apple butter right away. GraceAnne washed the apples, and while she watched Sleeping Beauty for the first time ever, Allan managed to squish an entire bushel of apples last night. My wrist hurts so bad, (yes, still and I'm going back to the Dr sometime this week...), that I just couldn't do it. It's a rotary turner-type thing, so it's VERY labor intensive, but Allan got it done in no time! I love my hubby :)

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