Ready for the Month to be Over

I'm getting tired. Next month will be worse and the month of December even moreso, but I'm about done with October. I love October, as outlined in earlier blogs, but I really want November to get here. This marks the start of my sell-a-thon for Pampered Chef, (stoneware is 20% off, so get it in Nov!), and the start of the construction, (they said the 3rd, YAY!), and Thanksgiving, (where will we have that?? I insist on cooking, but the house should be all torn up, so who knows where we will have it...), and getting ready for Christmas. I don't think we'll decorate much this year since everything will be in an uproar, but we haven't done ANY shopping. Usually I'm done by now, so this should be interesting. My only saving grace is that we're only buying the kids 3 gifts each. Like Jesus got. Calm down, people; they have grandparents buying for them and a million toys each and they'll be 3 good gifts. I just want to make sure we celebrate the reason for the holiday and not worship the commercialization of birth the single greatest miracle known to man. I think the reason people hate the holidays is because they feel obligated to people. I want to enjoy the holiday because I feel glad to GIVE. Give of my time, my joy and the money I can afford to give without stressing myself out. Allan feels the same way. His idea of a great Christmas activity is getting together with family to polish silver and make spiced oranges. Ummm...I'm not this basic, but I can see what he means.

I'll have more pictures later in the week. We have to carve our pumpkins, trick-or-treat and do trunk-or-treat. Is it wrong of me to be secretly singing Christmas carols as I walk around downtown with all the halloween decor? Shhhh, it'll be our secret ;)

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Gayle said...

Can't wait to see your trick-or-treating photos. I don't think we are going this year. Cody has a wrestling meet, and at 2 & 3 Olivia and Lucas has many more Halloweens. It all depends on if my ex will take Emily (9). If not then I will take her and Homer will go to wrestling. Nick & Elijah are hanging out with friends. It is supposed to be 5 to 20 above. I can do twenty, but what if it is the 5? :)