Punkin Pictures

I always forget that these load backwards and then load them in chronological order and they come in wrong--of course. Oh well, I'm too pressed for time to change it. You were promised punkin pictures, so punkin pictures I posted!
I always have to make a stupid pumpkin. Last year I made a mooning butt pumpkin and mine was the ONLY one NOT stolen! How lame. This year my guy is upside down, representing the all kinds of crazy I am. Uhh...you are. Yeah, how crazy YOU are!
Allan likes to do artistic pumpkins and they always come out very basic, but pretty cool. He can't be bothered with the kids' pumpkins, (GraceAnne is so fickle about her design and then it looks like, well--like a 4-year-old designed it), so he picked seeds from the guts so I could bake them later. They turned out AWESOME, too!
Violet's was actually a pie-pumpkin, so it was very thick fleshed. I like the eyelashes and GraceAnne liked them so much she added some onto hers with the marker after I was done.
Here is GraceAnne designing her punkin. You can see the end result above. I do my best to stick to the exact lines she makes.

Carving pumpkins this year was pretty awesome. It was chilly out so we all got to wear sweatshirts and it felt like it was actually pumpkin carving time! It was dark in time to light them on the porch and we were all in awe of the glow from the very different faces. Then we blew them out, turned them around, (lest someone steal Allans, GraceAnne's and Violet's and leave mine, thus making me doubt my artistic skills), and went in the house to bake our seeds.

Hope you all are having just as wonderful a time this fall!

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Gayle said...

Carving pumpkins is not one of my favorite things to do. I suppose I should at least do them with the little ones. Maybe the store won't have any left?! :)Looks like you guys had fun.