And So it Begins...

Too cute to not share.

Today was day 1 of work. The ac guy came and started putting in the duct work. He can't finish until the plumbers and electricians do their things, (drain in the attic and an outlet to plug the unit into), but he was here for about 3 hours this morning doing this:
Can you see the hole in our lovely "rustic" ceiling? It's there, I promise.
Here's the vent in the bedroom formerly called Rhiya's. We're not sure if it will be our new room or Vi's yet.
There's the return vent and the duct for the hallway. That means no dashing between rooms and freezing our patooties off! WOOT!
Yes, I am aware that I have the world's cheesiest smile and I'm chill with that.

There's a lot of dust up here now, (the first of much, would be my guess!), but HOW EXCITING! We have a SUPER busy few days ahead of us, (trick or treat, trunk or treat, 6 mo check up for Vi, etc. etc.), and then on Monday the plumber and electrician come. WOOHOO!!

Over and Out.

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Gayle said...

I wish I needed AC! :) Cheesy smiles are good.