Must be the Meanness

Tonight we went to Dallas for dinner with Allan's classmates. It was nice to get away, though very strange to be around younger people. It was one of the girls' 21st birthday. Naturally, they were drinking and laughing and having a good time. That used to be my life. Not anymore. So it's a little strange to be hanging out with young people, (they are all VERY nice and fun to be around!), and looking at my 2 little young people and wondering how so much changes in 5 short years. Thank God it did, though.

When I was a kid my mom used to say the white spots on my nails was the meanness coming out of me. I knew she was pulling my leg, but I always wondered, since there seemed to be no other explanation. A couple of weeks ago I talked to her about my wrist and how bad it has been hurting and she said, "well, that's all that meanness coming out of your wrist." At some point in time I must have offered this same explanation to GraceAnne for her legs hurting her because tonight on the way home from dinner we were talking about how we change as we get older. (How's that for ironic considering the very thing I was thinking about at dinner!) She said that she is always hungry in the mornings and I said, "most people are." She said, "not Daddy." I said, "well, sometimes things change as we get older." She said SERIOUS AS A HEART ATTACK, "yeah...like my legs hurt, probly cuz the meanness is coming out and cuz I'm growing." I laughed SO hard! She even was justifying herself, because I suppose I made her feel insecure. "But it IS the meanness coming out!"

These little ones tied me down and forced me into a life of servitude, but they are sweet, loving and funny as heck, so I wouldn't have it any other way!


mamamilkers said...

You know, there are theories that bodily ailments are physical manifestations of psychological issues!

Gayle said...

What a great explanation for aches and pains! I need to remember that one! :)