6 Mesas

Wow...today Violet is 6 months old. She's getting ready to crawl and is very good at climbing things. I'm happy to say that she's had nothing to drink but breast milk and water and she's only eaten organic foods. She's not had any immunizations at all and she's held ALL THE TIME. Look at us...we're AP and we didn't even try. Haha. Mark my words, though...as soon as these people fix our house and it's warm, dry and bug-free...she's getting sleep trained. She's a pretty easy going kid, but I'm ready for my bed back!

I also have exciting news today. Today I promoted to Future Director with The Pampered Chef! I signed my 2nd recruit and now I'll get a percentage of my recruits' sales plus a raise on mine. I'm going to get a bonus and I can attend the Leadership Conference in January if we have the money to go. I'm REALLY excited about this, because I was totally not trying to promote, but I asked God to make it bigger than I imagined and He is! WOOHOO! I'm hoping to make this month a $3k in sales month, because this is sell-a-thon. Stoneware is 20% off for guests and 60% off for hosts, so it should be easy enough. I want my spring products!

We had a really great day today. We drove through Kaufman and found a Christian bookstore where we got Rhiya's Christmas present, part 2. I'm not going to write it here in case she reads. Suffice it to say we're going to celebrate her last year before becoming a teenager and I think she's going to have a FABULOUS time. We also got some Christian sing-along Baby Einstein-type DVD's for Violet and The Love Dare for us. Along with the best mocha we've had in a while and some spectacular chicken caesar salads. On our beautiful country drive we found a couple garage sales and stopped in. We found a present for GraceAnne, too, that was brand-new in the box and about $20 below retail. Gotta love that! Then we drove to Canton and discovered that we REALLY like east Texas and we REALLY need to go to Trade Days sometime. On the way home we were driving west and the sunset was nothing short of stunning. When we got home we watched one of Violet's DVDs while we ate dinner. It was so relaxing and beautiful. We really need to do that more often! OH YEAH--super cool thing we saw on the trip, too? Gas for 1.99/gallon. Crazy! Most of the stations had it for 2.17 which is EXACTLY the price it was when we drove into WA state almost 5 years ago and I cried because I didn't know how we'd survive with such high gas prices. Of course now I'm excited it's "so low." Ha!

Well, I'll close this so I can snuggle with my first and last hunnies. The middle hunnies are in WA and in bed ;) Hope you all had as Blessed a Saturday as we did! HUGS!

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