It Begins...Again!

Well, there was NO ONE here to work on the house this week, but Morris came over yesterday to get some stuff done and clear the logjam. Apparently we'll have the AC guy and the electrician here tomorrow and they're going to start work on the exterior Tuesday. This will be one of those, "I have to see it to believe it" things, but I have faith. Here are some pictures of the destruction of the bathroom Morris and Allan did yesterday:

Here's a picture of Violet being cute as ever, sleeping. She's been sleeping a lot lately. As well as coughing and pulling on her ear...so I guess my joy tomorrow will be to take her to the doctor and listen to how I should have had her vaccinated.And have I mentioned how excited I am that this month is stoneware month?!? OMG, the new pieces I have are SO BEAUTIFUL and I can't believe I never cooked on stones before. Crusts turn out crispier/flakier and cookies are so much better. Plus they're non-stick after a few uses and I'm just flat out IN LOVE with them. Check them out, those are mine :D
So...that's the end of my update. Now I must stop procrastinating and finish cleaning this room up. If I get it done, I'll be able to get twice as much work done during the day, because Violet won't be so bored. I'm going to fill it with the baby toys so that she can play safely while I do boring mommy things. Hope all is well with you all!


Gayle said...

Are the inside surfaces smooth? When I look I got a shiver up my back...I can't do the rough pottery feel under my fingers. (I'm really weird). Don't you love sleeping babies?! :) Good luck with some house progress.

Party of Five said...

They're smooth...they're virtually non-porous!