Some Photos

Here is the cantilever Allan and Morris had to put in because a wall we removed was actually weight bearing after all. It won't be incredibly aesthetically pleasing, but at least our upstairs won't cave in.
Here is the new wall Allan and our friend Russ put in yesterday. Above you are looking from the front window into the dining room. You can see the wall on the left side. This will give me a hallway to put pictures in.
Here is the same wall looking toward the front window where the previous picture was taken from.
Here is a picture of one of the happiest little things you'll ever see. No doubt about the exuberance of our girls. Today she mastered crawling. She could get wherever she wanted anyway, but today she mastered it. Now she's fast. Of course, I'm thrilled, but the timing is less than ideal, considering we live in a 350 sq ft box with no room anywhere to crawl or to hide things. She also has been saying MMMMM when I feed her. For the last 2 days she has been saying "Mom, MMMMMM" Maybe it's an accident, but it sure seems intentional when she screams it until I nurse her or feed her. They grow up SO fast!

I'm going to be leaving it at this, I really just wanted to publish some photos for you all to see. We are counting our blessings and it's sometimes easier to count the discomforts, so if we're quiet it's only because we don't want to say anything since we sometimes don't have anything nice to say. Hope all is well with you. We love and miss you all!


Heather said...

I was browsing other SAHM's and found you. By the way I can relate to living in a construction zone!

eirrann said...

Do you guys have an online album of all the construction pics (I think google makes a Picasa album of all your blog pics automatically)?

I'd love to look at the complete process, and fear I've missed some in perusing the blog...