Happy Veteran's Day

I made those shirts for the girls. You probably can't see them, but they say on the front, "My Daddy is a Hero! Operation Iraqi Freedom" with a picture of a bronze star, which is what Allan was awarded for his service in Iraq. On the back they say, "Cpl Allan G Doyle US Army Ret" with a picture of his rank patch. They didn't come out so hot, but hopefully you get the point.

To all you vets out there, have a great day! I hope you feel proud of the time you served and that you know you have your country's admiration. Thank you for your time and sacrifice!

To my hubby, thank you so very much for your sacrifice. I know that it's not easy to be an amputee on a day-by-day basis, but when I think of how much we've gained because of the few inches of leg you lost, I soar. I thank God everyday to have even met you, let alone started a family with you, married you and made a life with you. You are gracious and graceful and amazing to me. You are truly a hero, MY hero and I hope you know how very much I love and appreciate you. I hope you have a GREAT day, (even though you're at school, which I think is BUNK!), and that you feel all the pride you deserve to feel for what you've done to ensure our freedom to worship God, have a good life and to post to this blog. ;)

For anyone who doesn't know Allan, he's truly amazing. He's a fabulous father, a loving husband and a handyman extraordinaire. He's strong and brave and beautiful. He's funny and smart and when you talk to him, you feel truly listened to. He also happens to be missing his lower left leg due to an accident in Iraq. No one would ever guess it if he's wearing pants because he doesn't limp. Despite his missing limb, he has never looked for pity or felt sorry for himself. In fact, he was such an inspiration to his original prosthetists and physical therapists that they suggest he work in the field. In May he'll graduate with his degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics. I am, (obviously), proud beyond words to be married to such a wonderful man.

I hope all of you are Blessed enough to know a Veteran and if you are, please tell them Thank You for all you did. If not, stop someone in the store today and shake their hand if you see them with a hat or shirt indicating their service. Even if we don't all agree on our politics, we can all agree that we appreciate the men and women who fought for the freedom to disagree that we enjoy in these Great States of America!

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eirrann said...

I'm glad to know that my friend has such a loving wife and has been so blessed.