Our Days...

well, we've been in the guest house 3 days now. Mostly we just use it to sleep in and spend our mornings in since there are STILL no contractors here, (the electrician is apparently a real reliable guy *insert eyeroll here*), so we still have a kitchen and my computer is still on. There are no lights upstairs, though, so come nightfall, (6pm), we go out to the guest house and hunker down for the evening.

I'm so grateful to have that place back there. I was very upset when we were first remodeling it, because I felt like it was the biggest waste--after all, we were living in a torn up construction zone of a house but had a nice guest house--but now I'm really glad it's nice out there. No way would I want to be living in it, (I probably would NOT), if it were still the way it was before. See? God always has a plan--even if it's not our plan!

If nothing else, this is teaching me the importance of cleaning things as we go. The guest house is too small to let get cluttered and icky. I have no computer out there, so there's really nothing else to do but keep it organized. So far in the last 3 days I've been getting everything done that I need to get done and we've even baked cookies! GraceAnne helped, and she hasn't gotten to do that in probably almost a year, so we're golden. My patience, however, is wearing thin. So if you all could pray for me in that aspect, I'd appreciate it. I'm a mess these days.

I was also thrilled to go Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping yesterday. This year will be a little unorthodox, as our house is TORN UP, but it will be fun! We're going to our friends' in Midlothian and I'm cooking dinner at their house. We're going to have a couple people from Allan's school down, too. As always, the menu will consist of turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, green bean casserole, (Thanks, Branch), mac n' cheese, (Thanks, Mallory), rolls and my from-scratch pumpkin and apple pies. Amy is going to make brownies and rice krispie treats, too. YAY! I always look forward to Thanksgiving dinner. The only thing we're missing is Rhiya. Hopefully when Allan gets his job we'll be able to afford to fly her out every other year for turkey day.

Hope all is well, we love and miss you all!

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Branch said...

We will pray for you in your torn-up situation. Thank you guys so much for inviting us to Thanksgiving again... We will look back fondly on the Thanksgivings spent in Texas with your family. Oh, and in addition to green bean casserole, we will also be making another potato dish. Thanks again, and have a great weekend