Tiny Pampered Chefs

I was getting ready for my show tonight and I realized I have no pictures of myself in my "uniform." So I had Allan take some pictures and then I realized that no picture is worth a hoot without the kids, so we got them involved. Of course, they had to be holding Pampered Chef products! Violet really likes the wisk and GraceAnne loves the mini-scoop because it makes mini-muffins and those are her favorite.

The party went great! There were almost 10 people there, (I don't keep exact count), and the sales are sitting at $300 right now. My host, (my friend/neighbor, Susan), has a couple more outside orders to get so she can get some more free stuff. I'm even closer to my goal! Only $700 more to go before my 30 days are up on October 2nd. I need to submit that in the form of 2 shows and I'll get $200 more for free. YAAAAY! I also got to sign 1 recruit, (I hope she will sign...she should on Monday), so that's even better!

My mom said someone might be interested in knowing my website. It's www.pamperedchef.biz/tdoyle

Everyone here is still pretty sick. It's livable but very sucky. I've been doing a good job taking my vitamins and having no soda and trying to sneak calcium in. I got some orange juice fortified with calcium today since Violet is sensitive to the milk. I love orange juice, so it'll work. I do miss a huge glass of whole milk with a stack of pancakes, though. That's probably what I'll eat to celebrate when we wean. Only 7 months to go! OH MY GOODNESS she's getting so big! *sigh*

We also had a garage sale this weekend, since we were cleaning everything out. We only made 85$, but we wanted to get all of it out of here anyway, so it worked out. We set the rest at the curb and people took it over the course of the day. Pat is being a wonderful Mother-in-Law and volunteered to bleach the kitchen. My cabinets and my pantry are all cleaned and disinfected and re-organized. It's a fantastic feeling and I'm so grateful that she did it for us! GraceAnne is having a blast with her Mommers and I know she's going to be sad Monday when she leaves.

It has been such a busy week! I will be so glad tomorrow to kick my feet up and enjoy the day without doing anything at all looking like work. I am so very thrilled with all of my Pampered Chef business, but I'm glad I promised myself, Allan and God that I wouldn't work on Sundays. What a fabulous idea He had! ;)

Love and miss you all!

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