Sweet Success!

Wow, what a week! As you all know, (if you read my blog regularly), I had my first Pampered Chef show this week and I also wrote to the guy who is supposed to be getting funding to get our house fixed. We've experienced a bit of success on both fronts.

At the party we had a great attendance. I got 3 bookings, (people who are interested in hosting parties themselves) and 150$ in sales. That's awesome because my whole goal for the party wasn't even to get sales, it was to get prayers for my business start-up and ideas of how to show people that I know Christ without being a nutjob. My recruiter ran the show for me, so I got to see someone in action, and that will go a long way toward being good at doing this, She also had everyone sign a Season's Best cookbook for me. There were some really awesome well-wishes in there and I'll cherish it forever! My first solo flight is next Thursday at Jina Armstrong's house. I feel so Blessed to be able to have my first parties with people who love us and wish us well.

As for the house...this was difficult. After finding 4 mice in the course of a week, dealing with the hot weather inside of my house and feeling pretty desperate about the floors thanks to a baby who can now roll both ways, I was pretty well done with not hearing anything about the house. So I wrote my laundry list to the guy who is looking for funding. It felt awful to write it because I know we are so well Blessed, and I hate to sound witchy about something that is such an awesome gift. But I did it. I am sure he has his own difficulties, but I'm tired of getting my hopes up and seeing nothing happen. We have other people willing to fundraise, and since that is all we're waiting on, I figured I'd give him one last chance to respond to us before I asked the General Contractor if he'd be willing to do the work with money from other places. I had several people proof-read the letter and everyone approved it, so I sent it off. I heard back the next day and the guy says he found funding and he needed all of Allan's documents. So I sent them to him and today wrote to ask if he'd gotten them and if he needed anything else. He said he did get them and now we're just waiting on the application to get approved! YAY! Prayers were answered, (THANK YOU ALL!), and now we have something else specific to pray for. Maybe we'll actually have a warm house for Christmas after all. WOOHOO! :)

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