My Family is not Here

Allan and GraceAnne went to a Lions game tonight with Mommers. This is Gracienese for Allan's mom. She got here last night and will be with us until Monday morning. GraceAnne could not be more thrilled! They have been hanging out and having a good time. GraceAnne has colored her about 100 pictures. No exaggeration, either. Pat seriously has a stack an inch thick. I'm glad she's so happy to have her Mommers. They all went to the game tonight and I couldn't go because it's just too loud for Violet. It's very strange to be home "alone" since I don't really get any time to myself at all. Vi slept for the first hour but now she's up blowing bubbles on my arm.

Violet is feeling a wee bit better but still vomiting here and there. She's still hacking her little lungs out and my throat hurts like heck, too. She's been very fussy at night and has a hard time sleeping. If she's not better on Monday I'm going to take her back to the Dr. I pray she is better and I don't have to deal with it anymore.

I went to get an x-ray done on my wrist last week because it's really bothering me. The Dr. called back and said that I have degeneration and demineralization in my bones. Sure enough, my other wrist and my elbow are hurting now. I've been being more diligent about taking my prenatals and cut out soda. I know caffeine leeches calcium from the bones. I really don't want to have to deal with arthritis and osteoporosis later in life, so I'm hoping I can get the bone built back up now. He said if it still hurts in 10 days we'll have to splint it :(

Because I don't like the sound of these posts with pretty much nothing but negative to say, I will update about Pampered Chef. I'm at the top of my cluster for sales and I got my first commission check. I made 187.xx in the first 2 weeks as a consultant and I had only submitted 2 shows! I also got $200 PC dollars, (and promptly spent 85 on business supplies and the rest on stuff I "need"), and half of my kit cost back. My goal is to have $1050 more in sales and to submit 3 more shows by October 2nd. If I do that I'll get all kinds of little cool things for being on top of my game :) I only have 1 show booked for October so far, (my goal is 6-8), but I have 2 for November and as soon as I'm done with my big show this weekend I plan to work it as hard as I can. I have my website and my wedding registry now, so I'm going to be visiting local businesses to rally for the brides. I am SO excited about all this! I really like this business! I can't wait until I'm a hair more seasoned and the house is organized so I can do this a ton.

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