The Smartest Babies!

Just about everyone who's ever met GraceAnne has been amazed at how smart she is. When we moved to TX she was barely 2 and speaking in full sentences. She's always been bright and I figure if she got nothing else of mine she got my left leg, (since daddy doesn't have one), and my big fat brain. ;) (Both are a joke, people, don't have a cow)

But did you know she's not the only genius in the house? That's right! Her baby sister is following in her footsteps and I'm only a little bit biased. Okay, maybe a lot a bit, but let me tell you what she was doing this evening and you might agree!
We were playing and she was sitting on my lap facing me. I was giving her kisses on her forehead and talking in a ridiculously infantile tone. She was, of course, rewarding my absurd behavior with her beautiful toothless smile and just being generally cute. Then she decided to join in the game. She pushed up to standing and "kissed" my forehead. The word kiss is used loosely here, as it was really more of an open-mouthed smack, but you get the idea. Then she laughed. I thought maybe I just knicked her ribcage in the right way, but no! She sat down, smiled, stood up and did it again. After the third time I deemed her fairly clever and we went around like this for a while. After we got bored of the forehead kissing game, I started to kiss her neck so she'd giggle, (my girls are wildly ticklish on their necks...I can't even wash GraceAnne's neck without getting a violent reaction), and then she DID THE SAME TO ME! After we took turns a few times I decided she was pretty smart and wondered what else she could do. So I kissed her cheek and moved my head back and forth on it, (like blowing bubbles on a belly). Then she laughed and "kissed" me on the cheek and moved her head back and forth really fast. For any of you nursing moms, you've seen the face where they look real determined and go in for the kill while nursing. Yeah--that.

There you have it. My kid is a genius. 4-months-old. WOOT!

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Emily said...

That leg thing was freaking hilarious! Branch laughed so hard! I am glad to see a sense of humor!