Slightly Better Day

Violet discovering GraceAnne's old blocks
GraceAnne re-discovering her old blocks
How sweet it is to watch a baby truly enjoy their surroundings!

Well, last night Violet went down a little after 9pm and slept, (fitfully), until 9am. She only woke once, at 7am, to eat. She also slept a lot the day before and slept half the day today. Hopefully this means she's on the way up. I didn't take her back in today, but if she's still hacking tomorrow we'll go.

For having a sick baby I got a lot done today. I ordered a lot of business supplies I needed with money I earned for doing a good job in my first 30 days. I hope to get some more of that incentive money, but I definitely can't complain if I don't. I reserved a booth at Fall Festival for myself and faxed stuff all over the country so Tricare can get their stuff straight. They think my daughter is a boy and they also gave her crappy coverage, so dealing with that has NOT been fun. I appreciate that the government takes care of us, but they really kinda suck. We also got some grocery shopping done and I got some more boxes for packing stuff up. We're cleaning it, packing it and taking it to the guest house. It will stay there until the house is done being fixed and then come back in. Hopefully by then we will have places for all of it!

Despite all my pissiness, I have been seeing God work in these last couple of weeks. I was mad going to WalMart to get cleaning supplies for this rat fiasco, we got a parking spot close to the front at a busy time and there was a buggy with a baby seat on it right in front of the spot. Allan and I manage to be ranting about something at opposite times. Just when we need the other to be calm, the other is calm--completely outside of character. I was scared about the money for the exterminator and the cleaning service...Allan got a change check from school for tuition. I've been scared for the baby and everyone's been praying and it really does help.

So thanks for the prayers and for reading this, even when I'm not-so-funny as usual and just downright ugly. We do appreciate it. Love and miss you all!

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