3, 4, 5, 16, 0

Well, what does that title mean? Fortune Cookie say: Deese yo lucky numbah.

Actually...3 is the number of baby "tricks" Violet can do and has been doing for a while now...rolling over back to front, (at 2 months) rolling over front to back, (at 3 months) and sitting up. (at 4 months)

4 is the number of foods she has had. Rice cereal, homemade chicken stock, peas and grits--which she loved. What a truly southern gal we have!

5 is the number of months old she'll be tomorrow...can you even believe it? I know I can't!

16 is the number of pounds we found out she is because we had to take her to the doctor AGAIN.

0 is what we know about what is wrong with her. The Dr prescribed her some augmentin "in case" she has a sinus infection since it's been 4 weeks now. He also had her swabbed for RSV and Pertussis, but those results won't be back until early next week. He said if it's one of those things, it will be a different antibiotic. Her snot isn't green, either. So would you give her the antibiotics or wait to see what the test results say? I'm stuck here. I wanted him to do something for her, but antibiotics just don't seem right. He's not jumping the gun prematurely, I don't think, being as we've seen him 4 times in the last 3-4 weeks, but...I don't know. Something about it doesn't strike me as the right course of action right now.

She puked again this morning, which is the reason I took her in. When they tell you they are going to swab your baby's nose, please understand they mean they're going to shoot some saline up in the sinus cavities and suck boogies while your baby screams and cries. I was thinking large q-tip, but I guess Vi is too small? Who knows. Something that struck me funny, though...she was smiling and cooing at the nurses or lab techs or whoever they were while they were getting "prepped" to suck her brains out. Then they did their mean things and she got her mommy back which means happy baby again...and she was smiling at the nurses again, but she was yelling at the lab tech who did the actual sucking of said boogies. As we walked away she even turned her head to see him and kept on yelling at him. Pretty amazing coming from the girl who doesn't fuss when her sister LAYS on her!

Bah, pray we all get better. I feel like crapola.

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