Soooo Excited!

Last night I had my very first solo Pampered Chef show. I wasn't nervous at all, and I can only attribute that to the Lord giving me peace. The hostess was a wonderfully sweet woman from my church and I was so glad to have them be my first party! There were over 10 people there, (I think 12 or 13?), and we made warm nutty caramel brownies. They LOVED the interactive show where they got to help with things and try out the products and the show will close at $500 if she finds 29.50 more in sales! That means she gets 90$ in free product, 2 half price items, plus the cookware at 60% off and her gift for being one of my charter hosts, (she chose the spices). That means I make 100$ in commission and I'm 500$ closer to being qualified! WOOHOO! Only 450$ left to go! I'm praying I can do that before the bridal show so I'll have my website and my registry privileges. I also get PC dollars for every 4 shows and 1250$ in sales I turn in, so I'm HOPING that by the end of this month I'll have about 200 PC dollars to spend on business supplies and my inventory. ;) If I book 2 more shows this month I can up that to 300 PC dollars! YAAAAY!

The kids are great, Vi has a cold, but not strep. She's doing much better and even though she cried for about an hour last night, she did alright with daddy and GraceAnne is as good as ever. She loves taking her antibiotics because she thinks they are yummy. She is always asking me for the "medicine that kills the germs." Funny, I recall thinking it was pretty tasty when I was a kid, too.

Allan is doing great, too. His new semester is off to a good start and he's working on his senior project. He has a ton of resources already and I'm REALLY proud of him for not procrastinating this thing. He's such a great student and I know he'll be an even better prosthetist. I also want to thank him for all the support he's given me in this PC venture and in everything. You are my hero, Allan, and I love you so much! I know it's not fun to take care of a screaming baby, but you did it without complaint and you even had a smile on your face when I walked in last night, so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I'ma give you kisses when you get home ;)

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