Monday was free chicken strips day at Chick-fil-A if you dressed in football attire. You all know I LOVE CFA, (if you don't, you should know, because it is my very favorite!), so we dressed the girls in their Bears cheerleading outfits and got some free chicken strips. YUM! Everyone was talking about how cute they were. My babies are the cutest! :)
Tuesday was GraceAnne's first day back to school. She was so happy and I just want to know, WHEN DID MY BABY GET SO BIG?!? She doesn't even look like a baby anymore, just a big kid! *sigh* Such is life, right?

My first Pampered Chef show is tonight!! I've never so much as been to one, so I'm excited and nervous. My recruiter is going to be helping me with this, so I will try to absorb as much information from her as humanly possible. I think I'll also be trying to come to some of her other shows, (in between my own, I'm getting rather busy!)

We got a new stove, (because as my sister-in-law informed me: Pampered Chefs to NOT have rats in their stoves), and it's beautiful! Our neighbor gave us the name of an appliance place in the next town that resells used appliances. We got a GE Profile XL 44. What that means is big, stainless steel gas stove. I tested it out on Monday night with a couple of recipes I intend to make for my guests tonight and it's AWESOME! The best part about it is it's an 1100$ stove brand new, but we got it for 300$ and it LOOKS brand new! YAY! A rat should have died in the stove a long time ago! It doesn't match a thing in our kitchen, (the rest of the appliances are white), but my dream is to someday have a stainless kitchen, so we're on our way. 33% of the way to achieving our goal. :D

I also wrote a long, harassing letter to the guy who is supposed to be working on funding for our house. He said he thinks that he found the funding and had me send him copies of Allan's official retirement paperwork. If this goes through, this is a serious answer to prayer and we thank EVERYONE who has been praying. Please continue to pray that it does work out and that the builders get here soon so that we can have a WHOLE warm house for Christmas and a floor for Violet to crawl on when she's ready to do that in a couple months.

So in this roller-coaster of our lives today is an up day. Who knows what loops are in store for us in the coming days, but for today I will shout from the mountaintop! :) Hope all is well, we love and miss you.

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Sybil said...

Oh my gosh, look at GraceAnne! I can't believe how big she is.