Adding New Foods...

to our repertoire!

Our baby is a huge advocate for Whirled Peas. Okay, so that was totally cliche' and probably not even funny, but she really does like them! It's been 2 weeks since she started Violet on rice cereal and last week she had a bit of homemade chicken broth, (which she loved!), because we were all sick. Since she made it through that with no mishaps I was going to wait a while to give her a different food, (maybe a couple more weeks?), but I fed her cereal at lunch time and come dinner she wanted nothing to do with nursing and was grabbing my food and smacking her lips and just all around freaking out because she wasn't eating, too. So I opened a jar of peas, (I wanted to make my own baby food, but had some great coupons, so ended up with a HUGE stockpile of organic baby food for $9.xx. At least it's organic!), and tried them out. She is in love!

She's really good at sitting up now and can do it on her own for a long time. She even sits pretty rigid instead of immediately going for her toes. She's been a very good sport this week, despite being sick; she must have a virus because I can tell by her diapers she's getting antibiotics from me and yet the sickness is not going away. Allan and I both have sore throats today and GraceAnne is also a little more under the weather...yay! I might have to take them back to the Dr, (his request), but I'm not sure what they'll do. I'm very much convinced it's a virus. That's the great thing about public school, eh? Despite that, GraceAnne is in pretty high spirits, too, as you can see below:
Man I have cute babies! :) Hope all is well with everyone! Please pray for my shows this week, (I am closing 3 of them!!), that I get lots of orders and lots of bookings. I really need to get October filled up!

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