Cutest Elves Ever

We did our first holiday tasks over the long week GraceAnne was out of school. We all had a blast with each other and it seems like homeschooling may be in our future. We have to see how I feel after we add another baby to the mix, but everyone was in much better spirits and much more eager to learn/do activities when we weren't all spent from the busy-ness of the days. One of our projects was making gingerbread men. MMMM! The girls had a blast.
Yes, the sun was bad for pictures, but I always love the way their pretty blue eyes look in that light! The extent of the help Violet gave was taste-testing. She's pretty good at that job!

We have a lot of sprinkles. I'm a bit of a fanatic. It makes for lots of fun/interesting combinations.
When they were done decorating the cookies, they had to eat the leftover sprinkles. I think that was their favorite part!
Here are some of the pretty creations. Hope ya'll are doing some things to make great family memories for this season! I decided a long time ago that the holidays aren't the holidays if I do a bunch of crud that stresses me out, (ever met those bah-humbug types who can ruin a holiday spirit with their selfishness/lack of lustre?) and that I would always try to have the joy in my heart. I have a hard time sometimes, still...especially being tired and hormonal, but mostly we refrain from anything that causes any of us to be unhappy with Christmas. After all, we're supposed to be celebrating the greatest gift that has ever been given to the world! So all that to say, if you find yourself doing more that makes you miserable than that makes you feel joyful...stop it and reassess. WHY do we do what we do? Is it to spread Christ's love or because of some strange obligation? I hope your answer is the first. ;) We love and miss you all!

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Gayle said...

Your cookies look great. I bet the girls had so much fun. I'm still knee deep in mess, but hope to be cooking soon. Take care.