Christmas Angels!

I'm not an angel, but look at those pretty girls! Please excuse the mess. We're always a work in progress, it would seem!
Here are the angels! GraceAnne's hair is finally getting long and Violet actually looks like a little lady!

I thought this one captured their essences pretty well...Violet sucking her thumb and just going with the flow and GraceAnne with her pent up energy (look at her feet) and ever trying to please us with a grin. They're too sweet!
And here they both are looking as perfect as they come. I love Christmas babies in Christmas dresses! If cards are late this year it's because we're trying to wait until Corbin is born and Rhiya is here so we can get a photo of all 4 of them together to include. Or else I just plain got tired and didn't mail them. I'm praying for the 1st. I'll try my hardest!

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