A New Floor

Okay, so this picture has nothing at all to do with a new floor, but she is so cute eating a cheeseburger like a big person! She cracks me up. She must be the only child on earth that doesn't like chicken nuggets, but goes crazy for McDonald's cheeseburgers, (no pickles, please!)

Back to business. Below you can see the old linoleum in our laundry room. We got a late start taking pictures, you can see below the washer and dryer Allan had already replaced the piece of subfloor. This addition was built in 1955 and the water heater was moved all over that room, so there were holes everywhere. The laundry room was never really worked on by the contractors, (except they helped us hang the door we bought for it), so it was something we've been waiting to have the time/money to do. That was this month! YAY!!
That linoleum goes all the way through my kitchen, too, but we have enough to replace all that, too. Another weekend, though. This took too long as it was.

Allan scraping up THREE layers of old linoleum and a piece of subfloor.

WOOHOO!! Doesn't it look great!? I'm so Blessed to have a husband who is so handy and enjoys projects like this! Today he brought in the shelves so I can organize the kitchen a little better and all that's left is to put up trim and paint the beadboard. That flooring is actually linoleum that we found for a great price, but it looks like tile. I can't wait till the whole kitchen is done in it! If we stay here long enough to do what we really want to do to the house, we'll put down real tile, but for now this is a 115% improvement on what it was.
We all feel so Blessed. Allan said, "wow...it seems like the projects I do now actually make a big difference." It's because the core stuff is done for us now. It used to be we'd do a "project" and it was really just demolition, so we'd leave the place looking worse than when it started. Now he gets to make it look pretty! It's very exciting :)

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