"Santa Loves Girlscout Cookies!"

GraceAnne is in Daisy Scouts this year, and that has been a pretty neat experience so far. Her favorite thing yet is being in the Parade of Lights here in town. We've been Blessed with a super cold year this year, so it actually felt like Christmastime to us northerners. GraceAnne got bundled up in her sweater, scarf, mittens and hat with her vest over top of it all. I also sent her with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. She said it was "the best night EVER!"
Here's part of her troop and her troop leader. The theme of their float was "Santa LOVES Girlscout Cookies!" because they're going to be starting to sell in January. I can't wait to help her earn her patch! All you followers out there in blogland better be buying your cookies from that sweet little Daisy Scout in blue this year! ;)

Dad and Violet are waiting for GraceAnne's float. Like I said, it was COLD! We all had hot cocoa to help keep us warm. Allan was quite pleased with the weather.
Cutest thing!! She loves hats!
Here's the float. You can't see it too well, but if you blow it up, GraceAnne is waving, (what a perfect little parade queen!) and there is a thin mint cookie walking with them. There was also a trefoils. TOO CUTE!

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Gayle said...

What a great scouting activity. When I raised Sydney for a few years I put her in GS. She had a lot of fun and made good friends. I used to store all the cases of cookies in our garage for everyone to pick up. I also had Nick and Elijah in Boys Scouts when they were little, and was even a Den leader. It was a really fun time.