Photo Dump

I'll write a few words about each of these pictures, but I'm still pretty tired, so it'll be brief. Just wanted to share some things I hadn't posted yet. Above is all the girls playing a game on the computer. I love how well they love each other!

Here is us at church this morning. Everyone thinks I'm nuts for getting out so soon, but they don't realize they're the only family we've got down here. If we lived in WI we'd be at my mom's. If we lived in FL we'd be with his family. We live in TX, so we visit our church family. I didn't let many people touch Corbin, though...I don't need to bring any illness into the house right now!
We gave him his first bath last night. He did NOT like it one bit and I must say it stressed me out, too. I've never had a winter baby.

Daddy is proud of his son! He's such a great dad :)

Violet loves to climb into that cabinet. It's the only cabinet we haven't child proofed and we put little toys in there for her to play with. She likes to hide stuff in there...like her string cheese and sippy cups. Ew.

Saturday the girls made pancakes from the recipe on the back of one of GraceAnne's Curious George books. GraceAnne has made them several times with Allan now, but she loved doing it with Rhiya. They even made shapes...smiley faces, hearts and snowmen!
Here they all are after they got back from the airport. Rhiya's flight was delayed 1.5 hours. Allan had a lot of fun waiting in the car with two over-tired and hyper little girls. I stayed home and rested with Corbin. It was nice for me, at least!

It's just cute, there's no explanation.

This boy has already found his thumb a few times. It's not a habit yet, but I wonder if we'll have 2 thumb suckers. He is an awful lot like Violet was as a baby.

Bethlehem Revisited: this would be the Holy family.

A centurian. The whole place is decked out like Bethlehem and everyone is dressed in the clothing of the time. They even speak like they used to. "Have you heard? A king is born in the city of David...let us worship Him!"
Here is a market. They wanted me to purchase that goat for 12 shekels.

Okay, excuse me looking like crap...it was EARLY in the morning. He's wearing one of my favorite sleepers...it has the recycle logo and trees that say "Hug Me" and windmills all over it. My friend Andrea got it for him and it's PERFECT! I had to have him wear it that day because it was a size newborn and he's already outgrown it. This kid is gonna be big!

This is from last Friday. GraceAnne decorated a gingerbread house with her class. We helped. Well, *I* helped. Violet snatched candy as her sister walked away to get more stuff to add to her house.
She's so hard at work!

Check out my little man in his Sunday best! He looked so darned handsome at church today. I wish I could afford to dress him like that every day!

There you have it...our week in 20 seconds or less. Tonight we're having turkey and roasted baby bakers and inviting Jesus to eat with us. How does that work? I'm not sure, I think we'll just pretend He's at the table and talk to Him and act as if He's really here. Maybe it should be a nightly ritual? Seems like we could all use a little more Jesus in our lives, especially during this season of giving. Love and hugs to you all!

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Mary said...

I am very grateful that I get to experience your family and love via your blog...it's almost like I'm there...almost.
You have a precious little family and I am so honored you call me friend. :)