Who was dreaming of a white Christmas?

Was it these pretty little girls? Possibly...
Was it this lady who moved so far away from the "Great White North?" Yeah...maybe secretly I prayed for a little snow...
Was it this beautiful hubby who wishes so much he could be back in Pennsylvania or Wisconsin or maybe even sometimes *gasp!* Alaska?? Most definitely!!

Regardless of who asked for it...it came! Where I come from this is called a light dusting, but down here it's a real big deal.

It started yesterday afternoon while we were shopping in Waxahachie. It was raining and we were waiting to go through a really congested light and Allan asked, "is it SNOWING?!" Sure enough, it had started. Let's call it a "wintery mix."
The whole car was abuzz and we all prayed that it would get colder so A) the rain would stop and B) the snow would stick. Sure enough, it got REAL cold. Way too cold for the thin jackets everyone was wearing because it was about 40 when we left the house! But the snow got heavier and clumpier and it looked like someone shook up our little snow globe!

It continued off and on most of the night and we woke up to the pictures you see here. It's about 10am now and where the sun touches the snow has melted, but darnit, we woke up to snow! God has so Blessed us this year with the weather. There have been days it's felt more like spring, but mostly it's been pretty cold and now we got to see snow right here in our little corner of the earth. God is so great!
I'm headed off here, but I wanted to quick say I hope you all have a VERY merry Christmas and that all God's goodness and mercy are obvious this year. I pray the spirit of Christmas follows you all year and causes you to feel renewed passion for Christ's birth and death and all the gifts we truly are Blessed with, even when life is uncomfortable. Merry Christmas to all, we love and miss you!!

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Gayle said...

My kids wear shorts when it is 40. Jusy saying.

Glad you got to share a little white stuff with the girls this Christmas. Everyone looks wonderful.