2 weeks!?

2 days old...
1 week old...

and can it really be that Corbin has been in the big old world for 2 whole weeks!?

who told him he could change so much already?
it was probably his Daddy, he's always giving them permission to get big!
despite our new barfing-once-daily trick, he's a DREAM of a baby! He sleeps well at night and is alert during the day and he's OH-SO-CUTE!
He looks JUST like his big sisters did at his age.

which is, of course, ADORABLE! I'm not sure how we keep having these little clones, but I don't mind. We have some cute babies, for sure! I'm still not tired of all this blue and brown. Little man clothes are just too sweet. We've been reading Wild at Heart and Bringing up Boys. We love both of the books and if you have a boy, (or a husband in the case of Wild at Heart), you should read them.
Things here are business as usual now. Rhiya went home on Saturday and we all cried. Allan is back to work today and I haven't cried YET today, but it's a matter of time, I'm sure. Probably about the time I have all 3 kids at the hospital to get Corbin his 2-week PKU test. Violet will run down the hallway as I'm lugging a gigantic carseat and I'll start bleeding again while I'm sweating like a dog because my hormones are raging and GraceAnne will try to be helpful and get her, but about the time she runs down the hall after Vi, Vi will giggle and run away and it will become a game to GraceAnne, too, because WHO can resist a giggly Vi? Nice run-on sentence, but if you say it real fast and frantically, you might understand how I'll feel about that moment. HAHA!
It's naptime. If I'm smart I'll lay down with the little ones, but if I'm dumb, (and I probably am), I'll try to get some dishes and laundry done, (I mentioned the barfing trick, right? I have no pillows or jammies now). Maybe I'll do a little of both. Hope ya'll are having a great week after Christmas and that the holiday was all it was meant to be :) We love and miss you!

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Mary said...

Corbin is SO stinkin cute!!! I (we) have read the Wild at Heart book and love it! (His wife wrote a book called "Captivating" which is the counterpart for girls/women...and I LOVE it too..btw) Another good book to get your hands on soon is "Preparing Your Son for Every Man's Battle" about purity and how to have good communication with your son about purity and all sorts of important things!
Man, I wish I lived closer. I'd either come with you or kidnap those girls...anything to help a sister out!! lol Love you and miss you guys lots!