Push Present

Ever heard of one of those? The ridiculousness started when I was pregnant with Violet and read on one of those silly little BabyCenter birth boards that people get "push presents" from their husbands. As if the baby isn't enough of a present??? Anyway, it's been a running joke now that I should get push presents. Now...I have one.

YAY!! The 2nd day we had Corbin home I had a nervous breakdown in the car because Violet was wanting to touch him and I can't keep her from doing it when I'm driving. Allan said, "let's sell all our vehicles and get a van." I can deal with that. It's not new, it's an '01 Dodge Caravan, but it only has 93k miles on it. It doesn't have all the fancy accessories, but it's BIG and that's what I needed. I still have to figure out precisely how to situate the kids in there, but so far we all like it. Rhiya likes it most, because she was sitting with us in the front, in the middle of me and Allan.

So...maybe the trick is to harrass your husband for a couple years about a push present and then you'll get one ;)

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Mary said...

Yay!! That's so great!!! I'm so glad that you were able to get what you needed!!! I think they should change it to a present for every time you have a contraction...jk :D