Much Better Day!

I was prepared for today to really suck, but other than spending $10 on gas, it wasn't too bad, really! I am exhausted because my husband and I decided to spend some time together last night, so we were up until midnight and Miss Violet decided today was the day for mommy to get up at 5:45am. But so far I'm alright thanks to my old friend Coke. (Soda, people, get a grip!) I just have to hold out until Allan gets home tonight at around 7:30pm. He's taking the scooter back to the dealer to see what needs to be done.

The shots were a no-go; I'm relieved. So is GraceAnne, I must say! Last night Allan expressed his concerns about Gracie's 4 year shots and I tried to talk him down saying things like, "if she were going to have a reaction she would have already, blah blah blah" Then I realized this morning, if he sat and discredited my feelings like that, I'd be really mad at him! So while I was up, holding a certain happy baby, I did some research and found that a couple of children have started to show signs of autism after their 4-year shots, despite being perfectly normal, (and typically very smart!), beforehand. I did some more research and found that lots of parents opt for titers instead. This means they draw a vial of blood to check the child's immunity to the disease before giving vaccinations to see if any of the vax's are unnecessary. Drawing blood doesn't sound like much fun, either, but better one stick and not putting any diseases into her than 4 sticks and pumping her full of God-knows-what. So our conversation DID go something like what I posted yesterday, but when we got there and started to discuss our concerns with the Dr, she said that there's really no need for a titer right now because we KNOW she is partly immune, since she's had other vaccinations. It will be later when the immunity will be compromised because they "wear off" after time. She said I'm the biggest threat to the kids because it's been so long since I've been vaccinated. She suggested Allan might be a threat, too, but since he's at the medical school he's totally up-to-date on every shot imaginable. The Army tends to be somewhat anal about vaccinations, too, so I think he's probably good.

Yes, we did switch Dr's. This one is still not thrilled with the idea of not vaccinating, but she wasn't rude about it. She said the girls are PERFECT, (we already knew that, but it's SO NICE to hear it anyway!). She said GraceAnne is very smart and NOT underweight. She said she will probably always be real thin, since Allan and I were. She said that we're doing a great job and she will see us in 2 months. YAAAY! The facility is VERY clean and VERY nice and the nurses were FANTASTIC! GraceAnne was completely comfortable from the very beginning with all of them and that is something we've not had the pleasure of experiencing since we were in WA state with our first pediatrician. I'm SO grateful!

Miss Violet is 13lb 2.5oz and Miss GraceAnne is 32lb. Miss Violet is 23" and Miss GraceAnne is 40.5 ". Violet is more on the average side of the height spectrum than GraceAnne was at her age. GraceAnne is starting to fall back on her height percentage and is sitting around 60%. Maybe they will be peanuts like me. Hopefully they'll be around 5'7" I'd love to be 5'7". Not too tall and not too short. 5'5" isn't bad, but I still can't reach some things I'd like to reach and my legs are too short, I think. Or maybe they're just too fat and I'm confusing things. Hmmmm....

Then I got the mail! I thought our Social Security checks wouldn't be in for about 2 more months. WRONG! They came today. WOOHOO! :D Gracie's and Vi's are going straight to their accounts and we'll be opening their ESA's this month. Mine is going to get the bug fixed so Allan has a car if he needs it. That and he always spends money on what I want to do and I figured it's about time for him to get something he'd like now. I also got a rebate check from something I bought a while back, (actually I got it for free at CVS, so I made some money on it!), and a bunch of coupons and a $50 g/c to Bennigan's from MyPoints. We'll use that on Saturday when we pick Rhiya up from the airport. YAAAAAAAAAAY! Rhiya will be here in 5 days!!!!

Oh yeah, and it's payday, so it's just a good day all around. Thank God! :)

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