Fat Things!

My daughter and I are huge! I had my 6-week-post-partum check yesterday and everything seems to be good. I'm down to 136lbs, so only 8lbs to go to my pre-pregnancy weight. Again, this does not equate my original pant size, apparently. I keep looking in the mirror and thinking I look normal and people keep telling me I look back to my size, but OBVIOUSLY I am not, if I'm wearing a size 10 shorts. NOW--what I'm thinking is that I'm the same proportions that I was before. Since my boobs are 2 cups sizes bigger, why shouldn't my hips be 2 pant sizes bigger? Well, that's my excuse and I'll continue to use it. Hopefully I'll start to see a semblance of myself within the next couple months. For now, I don't look THAT bad and my tummy is even starting to get flat again. I can deal with that.

At the end of my appointment my midwife asked if I had any questions. I said, "Can we PLEASE weigh Violet??" I was so excited to see how much she weighs. She's 12lbs 8oz!! That's 4.5 lbs in 6.5 weeks. WOOHOO! She is really LONG too, but I won't find out how long until her 2 month appt on the 30th of this month. I'd be willing to bet she gains a bit more between now and then, too. I love my chunky babies, they are so cute!

GraceAnne is doing well, but she's decided she's bored with my errands. I had to go to the Social Security office yesterday to finish up some paperwork and she was bored beyond belief. She was whining and fussing and eventually yelling when we got back into the car and I did my best to ignore her. Then we went to my appointment and at least there were toys there, but on the way back from Dallas she was testing daddy immensely. We ended up not going to swimming lessons and she wasn't too thrilled about that, but hopefully she got the point and today she'll be more apt to listen. What sucks is that taking away swimming lessons=lost money. Those classes cost way too much and with taking one away we may as well have thrown $6 out the window. I suppose that's not such a huge number, but when you budget every penny and only have so much money to do fun stuff with, 6 wasted dollars really isn't cool. Sounds an awful lot like a trip to DQ to me!

I'll post pictures later, I have to take some.

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Emily said...

Holy crap she is almost 13 pounds! I am feeding Himaya like crazy and she is only 10 lbs 3 oz! I guess I don't have much cream in my milk. Her doctor said she was doing good but man alive! All I can say is at least they are both healthy!